Beth Fineberg, Ph.D. - Relationship Psychology in Indianapolis, IN If not now, when? Today I invite you to join me in the search for new ways to approach old problems, improve relationships, or just get through a hard time. New perspectives can bring new possibilities.

Positive changes can come through psychotherapy. I combine the complementary techniques of cognitive behavioral and psychoanalytic therapies to work toward these changes. After almost 50 years as a Ph.D. psychologist, I'm still excited about taking a conversational, collaborative approach to the exploration of the personal worlds and relationships of my clients.

There is a "growing body of research that shows that for many psychological problems psychotherapy works better in the long term and is more cost-effective and long-lasting than medication" (Monitor on Psychology, 2013, 44. 2, p. 50, quoting Katherine C. Nordal, Ph.D., APA's executive director for professional practice).

Most of my clients suffer from depression , anxiety , and relationship issues . They contact me when they need extra help. My goal is to to give that help as an individual psychotherapist and relationship psychologist to those in and around Indianapolis. If you would like to learn more about me, go to the page entitled About Me .

Whether you are challenged by a difficult situation or are facing more general problems, please call or email me for a consultation.  I will be glad to meet with you about the concerns that are troubling you. Please go to the page Contact Me or
Appointment Request . However know that the most efficient way to reach me during office hours is by phone (317-872-4158 or 317-253-1006) because I often don't check e-mail until afterward, usually early evening.

Office hours are: Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday 10 AM to 4 PM, Thursday 11 AM to  3 PM, and Friday 10 AM to 2 PM. The office is closed on weekends.

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