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Beth Fineberg, Ph.D. - Relationship Psychology in Indianapolis, IN It is certainly true that it is not necessary to understand psychotherapy to benefit from it. Some might say that, not only is it not necessary, it is not even desirable because a too intellectual approach may get in the way. Yet  I think that on the whole it can helpful, especially for those who are curious about what I might be thinking and doing and why. Consequently, I am offering my point of view on some of the therapy issues that I consider important to my work.

COMMON QUESTIONS gives some answers to questions about therapy that people often have as they consider whether or not to give it a try. Do I need it? What happens? How can it help? What about confidentiality?

PSYCHOTHERAPY INTEGRATION shares with you my theoretical orientation, which is to combine Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy. I also explain some of the intricacies involved in their combination.

THERAPY PARTNERS describes the roles of therapist and client. It tries to clarify the importance and potential complications of their collaboration.

TREATMENT LENGTH deals with some of the variables that influence how long an optimal course of therapy may take.

PSYCHOTHERAPY  VERSES  MEDICATION has related data that shows both can be helpful, but psychotherapy can offer longer term benefits.

TERMINATION presents the complications around when and how psychotherapy may best come to an end.

MINDFUL MEDITATION describes the how and why this practice is integrated into many psychotherapies.

BEHAVIORAL ACTIVATION presents a therapeutic intervention that is pan-theoretical.

INSIGHT is a curative factor that is a goal of my psychotherapy work.

THINKING/FEELING are both important to the therapeutic process.

EFFECTIVENESS is to be expected for most clients.

I hope the curious among you find the material both interesting and helpful. But it is no substitute for actually experiencing the process of psychotherapy. I hope that you will try it or if you already are, will keep trying.

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