My office hours are Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday 10 AM to 4 PM, Thursdays 11 AM to 3 PM, and Fridays 10 AM to 2 PM. When I am temporarily unavailable, you may leave a message on my voice mail (317-253-1006), which I often monitor during business hours. On weekends and overnight, you may leave messages on my voice mail that will be answered the next business day. I am not in the office on weekends.

If you cannot wait for my return call or in case of an emergency, please contact  the Crisis Unit of your local Mental Health Center, or you can call or go directly to the Emergency Room of your nearest hospital. For example, St. Vincent Hospital's Crisis Line is 317-338-4800 and Community Hospital's is 317-621-5719. You may also call the National Crisis Line number 988.

My office is located at 450 Wellington Road, which is near the Jewish Community Center and Holliday Park. Parking is available.

Please be advised that I do NOT usually check my email during work hours. Also be aware that your email may not be secure on a platform other than this one. Still I do not recommend that you send personal information through email. I do not text patients. Regarding social media, I do not communicate with patients by using it because I see such use as a violation of  your confidentiality.

When I am out of office or otherwise unavailable for an extended time, specific coverage arrangements will be explained on the office voice mail system, 317-872-4158

It is best to schedule an appointment time with me by telephone (317-253-1006) because we can quickly decide on a mutually acceptable time. If your call goes to voice mail, leave your name and number and a window of available time(s) when I can reach you with a return call.  I will return your call. You can email me for an appointment, but, again, I am concerned about confidentiality. Also there is a good possibility that between the time that I email available times and one is accepted, the appointment might already have been taken. The longer the interim, the higher the possibility.

I am accepting new clients and can use HIPPA-compliant telepsychology for sessions.

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