Ages 30 to 45

A new stage of adult development was recently proposed by Mehta et al. (2020) that they called established adulthood  . This developmental stage spans the ages 30 to 45. I will report here some of the major characteristics of this stage, which include its many stresses and strains.

Established adulthood lies between young adulthood, ages 18 to 29, and middle adulthood, ages 45 to 65. Young adulthood is a time when many pursue higher education, more training, and career experimentation through frequent job changes. In middle adulthood, most people are at the peak of their careers. They have older children who need relatively little child care or they are on their own. They have settled into their lives.

In contrast to young and middle adults, established adults are developing a settled career path, are actively developing intimate partnerships, are rearing children, and may be caring for aging parents. Many struggle with balancing career, parenting, and intimate partnership. Others are going it alone as they strive to fill multiple roles. Demands on this age group are intense and ongoing challenges to a work-relationship life balance. Mehta et al. (2020) summarized these many challenges by describing them as the "career-and-care-crunch." 

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Mehta, C. M., Arnett, J. J., Palmer, C. G., & Nelson, L. J. (2020). Established adulthood: A new conception of ages 30 to 45. American Psychologist, 75(4), 431-444.

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