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     In the 2015 Survey of Stress in America, done by the American Psychological Association (APA), the second highest source of stress was found to be work. (Bethue, S. Money stress weighs on America's Health, Monitor on Psychology , 2015, 46 (4). 38-41) The types of work stressors are many. They include skill set competencies, work load, and on-the-job relationships.

      The pandemic has increased work stress. During the summer of 2021, there was another APA survey, called the Work and Well-being Survey, done by the Harris Poll and directed at this stress. Subjects were adults who were full-time, part-time, or self-employed workers. Since the start of the pandemic, work stress increased about low wages (56%, up from 49% in 2019), long hours (54%, up from 46%), and lack of promotions (52%, up from 44%). 
     Many were planning to leave their jobs. More than 4 out of 10 employees said that they would change jobs in the coming year. Especially those in more marginalized communities said that they would try to change employers - 58% Hispanics, 57% Black, 56%LGBTQ+, and 63% disabled employees. Manual laborers, customer service workers, sales people, and entertainers were more likely than those with desk jobs to say that they have felt physical, emotional, and cognitive fatigue.
     The hospitality and heath care industries were already facing shortages that are likely to worsen. In general, employers will experience a continuing loss of their work force. The surveyed subjects were asked if they could have one extra perk, what would it be? One-third said higher wages; 14%, more flexibility; 13%, more time off; and 12%, more benefits. As many as one in ten said their top priority was more meaningful work.

If you would like to have  a discussion about work stress, please CONTACT ME . Psychotherapy offers a good forum for discussion.

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