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Work Problems

Therapy in Indianapolis, Zionsville, and Carmel, IN

In the 2015 Survey of Stress in America, done by the American Psychological Association, the second highest source of stress was found to be work. (Bethue, S. Money stress weighs on America's Health, Monitor on Psychology , 2015, 46 (4). 38-41) The types of work stressors are many. They include skill set competencies, work load, and on-the-job relationships.

The stressor that a psychologist is best suited to address is on-the-job relationships. It has been said they every job is at least 50% political. In other words, a large part of job satisfaction and job success depends on the quality of the relationships at work. These relationships include those above, below, and on a par with one's position on the organizational chart. Somewhat different skills can be required to deal with those at these different levels of authority and responsibility.

It is definitely to one's advantage to have neutral to positive relationships on the job. If that is not happening for you where you work, you might want to discuss how to reduce your stress. Sometimes just taking out what is going on at work is a relief in itself. It can also be helpful to talk about what has gone wrong and try to figure out what might be done to set it right or at least make it better.

If you would like to have such a discussion, please CONTACT ME . Psychotherapy offers a good forum for discussion.

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