New Job

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Perhaps the new job is your first job.

Because it is you, not your parents, who will be earning money from the job, you will have more say so about what to do with it. You will be able to decide whether to spend it or to save it. How exciting!  Can you handle the job and the money well?

Perhaps the new job is your first "real job."

This job is not to be just temporary. Your only goals are not just experience and money. The preparation through education and training is over. What you have learned now has to be put to use. This job is hopefully the first step into a career.

Perhaps the new job is a promotion.

Success!  With this success will come higher status and more money but also more responsibility and complexity.

Perhaps  the new job is a career change.

Whether by choice or by necessity, you are headed in an uncharted direction.

No matter what the new job is, it excites hope and raises anxiety for most of us. Am I right for the job and is it right for me?

If you are feeling stressed by a new job and would like to talk it over in psychotherapy, please Contact Me .

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